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PHOENIX as one of the biggest distribution companies within Europe with great coverage of individual markets offers services to producers and suppliers in the following areas:

Logistics services (pre-wholesale) – providing complex logistics solutions coupled with operation of warehouses for producers/suppliers

Receipt of goods

  • Electronic notification of incoming package
  • Temperature monitoring during transportation, evaluation of temperature records
  • Quarantine regime
  • Customs clearance, customs debt guarantee
  • Intrastat reports
  • Import licenses
  • Claims at receipt

Storage and picking

  • Record of storage transactions
  • Special products handing: cooling chain, narcotics, psychotropic substances
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Samples
  • Inventory
  • Claims management/hidden defects
  • Hygienic regime, sanitation, desinsection and deratization
  • Claims customer - supplier
  • Customs warehouse
  • Warehouse insurance
  • Expiration management – checking, freezing
  • Invoicing of deliveries to pharmacies and secondary distributors together with debtor management
  • Special delivery regime – deliveries for a particular patient etc.
Expert services
  • Clinical studies - service
  • Certified production: repackaging, relabeling, kits
  • Certified liquidation of devalued products
  • Services of the responsible pharmacist
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Quality risks management
  • Recalls, returns
  • Consultation services in the area of pricing and categorization
Electronic services/ trading
  • Realization of transfer orders of supplier representatives received from the pharmacies via electronic tools (PHOENIX transfer shop, e-ordering PharmInfo, transfer orders from supplier CRM system)
  • Services focused on B2B business
  • WebServices for gaining sell out data from pharmacies; concerning products included in marketing projects
  • Generating various types of reports according to requirements
  • Fully validated computer system in accordance with GAMP
  • Online connection with business partners via WebServices/FTP including:
    • Customer order
    • Delivery note (for pharmacy)
    • Purchase order
    • Delivery note (from industry) – batch, expiration
    • Stock status
    • Electronic invoice – PDF+XML
    • FTP interface for SAP
Marketing product support according to producer/industry demands
  • Advice in marketing activities (in regard to their feasibility and effectiveness)
  • Active support via telemarketing
  • Informing pharmacies about running marketing activities through electronic means
  • Fliers distributed to pharmacies with deliveries
  • Extra Prizma flyer – issued on a monthly basis, ideal for providing information about new OTC assortment in the market, special offers and multiple package deals
  • Automatic dispensation of action products
Marketing support through PARTNER for your health (free association of approx. 500 independent pharmacies)
  • Special flyer actions focused on OTC assortment for the end customer
  • Educational activities for pharmacies
  • Specialized parts of the PARTNER project:
    PARTNER Plus
    Aktiv Plus
    Space Management
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