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Business conditions
Business conditions of PHOENIX Zdravotnícke zásobovanie, a.s.

Claim conditions are an integral part of each supplier-customer relationship and they are solving disproportions resulting from these relations in accordance with the Law 513/1991 Coll. Commercial Code.
Claim conditions
Price list - claims conditions
Complaints record
Pharmacy complaints record – incorrect health claim
Proving compliance with the temperature regime
PHOENIX responsible pharmacists
Clinical trials - distribution services provided in slovak market

In order to improve the quality of services for its business parters, PHOENIX Zdravotnicke zasobovanie, a.s. has decided to undergo certification for norms ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. A certification audit therefore took place from 20.10.2015 to 29.10.2015 by the company BUREAU VERITAS for the above stated norms and the company was issued certificates for the period of three years. Our organization hereby implemented the quality and environment management system in agreement with the above stated norms. Certification pertains to all distribution centers as well as the administration.

Certification company stated that PHOENIX company has implemented and maintains its quality management system in accordance with the norm requirements. During the audit the ability of this system to fulfill all requests regarding products and/or services - which are the subject matter of the organization targets - was demonstrated.

Bureau Veritas EN ISO 9001
Bureau Veritas EN ISO 14001 

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