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Fast and efficient processing of customer orders together with frequent and reliable daily deliveries are the priority of our company logistics.

PHOENIX Zdravotnicke zasobovanie, a.s. with its four modern distribution centers and one central stock location for consignment and customs warehouses with a total of almost 30 000 m2 meets the highest European standards for warehousing and drug operation.

Optimization of internal logistics processes is based on a managing stock system of excellent quality. Modern warehousing technology, controlled conveyor belt, scanners, packing and handling systems, all this secures fast processing of incoming customer orders and their dispatch within 30 minutes.

A guarantee of everyday stable delivery quality is ensured by ongoing stocktaking, quality management, efficient output control and trained staff. Optimum location of our distribution warehouses in the individual regions of Slovakia contribute to the unique service quality in the area of shipment of deliveries.

Goods are delivered anywhere from two to six times per day depending on the distance to the individual customer locations. Goods delivery is secured by 112 delivery vehicles and 8 trucks, which cover the distance of over 28 000 km every single day.

We process more than 4 000 orders every day, serve about 1 100 delivery locations and deliver more than 12 000 green boxes with goods to our customers all around Slovakia.
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